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Books for Scandinavian Research

Handcarts to Zion 973 W2hL Many Scandinavians were in these handcart companies
Our Pioneer Heritage 979.2 H2c There are several of these books but they are not indexed. Searches have to be made by using the contents for subject matter.
Geodaetisk Intituts Kort 948.9 E7ge 1946 Good map book w/parishes shown
Scandinavian Genealogical Research Manual 948 D27t Guide to Research
Scandinavian Records Extraction 948 D27s Reference Shelf Extraction Guides
Teach Yourself Books - Danish 948.9 G27 Learn how to speak Danish
Dictionary English/Danish REF 439.81321 Vu792d English to Danish dictionary
Danish Parishes & Cities 948.9 E2c Book contains alphabetical list of parishes
Haervejen 948.9 E3 Text is in Danish. Physical description of the the old army highway in the Viborg area south.
Kort Over Danmark 1873 948.9E7ge This book contains maps of Denmark w/the parishes shown
Danish Records 948.9 D2z Reference Shelf Guide to Census, Military, etc.
Denmark Research 949.9 D27 Reference Shelf Complete Guide
Post-og Telegraph 1964 978.9 E8g 1964 This address book is printed in Danish. Postal guide.
Genealogical guide book to Denmark    
Genealogical Guidebook and Atlas of Norway 948.1 E6st Guide book partitioned for quick reference
Norway Research 948.1 D27 Ref. Shelf Guide Book partitioned for quick reference
Sweden Finland Research 948.5 D27z Ref. Shelf General Research Book divided by tabs for quick reference
Cradled in Sweden Ref. Desk 948.5 b273  

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