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Notes on Using DIS-Denmark, a Danish Genealogical Resource

by Orval Skousen

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DIS-Danmark is an association of genealogical researchers. Its website is in Danish, but you can see the first page in English by clicking on the “English Flag” at the bottom of the Column on the left.  This source is very good if you know the location on the map of a city or village in Denmark, but do not know which Sogn (Parish) or Amt (County) it is in.  The following features can be utilized by an English speaking Genealogist.


1.  County -District-Parish Gateway.  In the column on the left, put your cursor over Kilder” (Sources) another menu is displayed. Click on “Amt-Herred-Sogn Portalen” (County-District-Parish Entrance).

            In the left column of the new page, if you click on “Amter” (Counties),  A list of counties is shown.  By selecting (clicking) on an “Amt” name a list of its “Herred's” (Districts) is shown and by clicking on a “Herred”, a list of it's Sogns (Parishes) is shown.  There is a map in the upper right hand corner which can be enlarged, but there are better maps at this website.

            If you click on “Herreder” (Districts) instead, A list of Districts by County is shown.  By clicking on a “Herred”, the list of Sogns in the District is shown.

            If you click on “Sogne”, an alphabetical list of all the Sogns in Denmark is shown with their “Herred” and “Amt” shown to the right of them.  Since there are many duplicated names of Sogns in Denmark, you need to know which District and County it is in.  In the list of Sogn names a Duplicated name is listed as  “-Do- Sogn” (Ditto for the name above).

            In selections of 2, 3 & 4 above, when the lists of “Sogne” is shown, clicking on the Sogn name will take you to the same page.  However, unless you read Danish, it will be difficult to get more information here.  This page is a clickable summary of the material of the Sogn which includes the digital sources available, a picture of the Sogn Church, an entrance into the forum, and a list of those who have been working to get all the material together and other items.

2.  Maps of the Counties.   In the column on the left, put your cursor over Kilder” (Sources) another menu is displayed. Click on “Amtskort  Map of the Counties.  A Danish map is displayed with the counties (Amter) outlined with their names.  The names are also listed above and below the map.

            Click on the underlined name of the county or the county on the map to show a map of the county showing the “Herreder” (Districts) and the Sogne (Parishes).

            Click on a District (Herred) on the map and it shows a page with the Sogne (Parishes) listed and under each parish is the Information (records) available for that parish.  These may include some of the following:

Folketælling Census
Kirkebøger Church Books
Brandtaksationssager Fire Evaluation Cases (Direct translation, it may be close)
Jordebøger Land Records
Matriklerne Land Registration

            To the right is the name of the person that you may contact about that.  If you click on the person's underlined name a Yahoo mail box comes up.  This is so you can email that person with a question or what ever.  I'm sure they will answer a simple question, but if it involved research, I'm sure they would expect to be paid or send you to someone that would do research for a fee in that particular area.

            These maps print very well and are very useful.

3.      Join a Genealogy Forum.  If you read Danish, there is a lot of good material and links.  You can even join the association.  If you are interested in enlisting the help of others, Put your cursor over DIS-Forum and then click on “Find your relatives in Denmark”.  This allows you to post requests in English, which most Danes know, and respond to others also.  Judging from the few I looked at, the people of Denmark are very willing to help.

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