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Norway Quick Start

By Orval Skousen

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The site is in English, but the maps are not as good as in the Norwegian site

If you go to the Norwegian site and then click on English it takes you to the English site and consequently maps that are not as good.

  1. Enter the site by entering or clicking on shows the complete map of Norway with the names of the counties on the map.
  2. Click on a county (Fylke) name to see a map of the county with the communes identified and a list of the communes in a blue column on the right.
    1. Click on the commune map identification (some are only on the map, others have a list of names to numbers on the map) and see a list of locations
      in the commune with "info" and sometimes "kart" (map) on the right.
      1. Click on info and obtain phone numbers, address and other pertinent information about that location (all in Norwegian).
      2. Click on “kart” to see a detailed map of the area of the commune that is described.
    2. Click on the name of the commune in the blue column and see population information including a forecast for population growth or decline.