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Additional Research Helps

Guides to assist you in your genealogical research
(Download Adobe Reader if necessary for PDF files)
Topics Description
Additional Online Research Classes (Salt Lake FHL)
(with videos)
Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, United States, Central & South America, South Africa, India, Europe, Scandinavia
The Big Four (PDF) An overview of Basic Records, Census, Vital Records, Land Records and Probate Records.
Guide to Research (PDF) How to research including the research cycle.
Census Research using Film and Soundex (PDF) How, When and Why do we search Census records?
Vital Records (PDF) An overview of Vital Records, how to use them and how to find them.
Cemetery Records (PDF) How to prepare to search a cemetery and locate information on microfilm.
Finding Your Adoptive Ancestors (PDF) How to approach this research dilemma and find lineages with sealed records.
How to do Family History Research Original Research, Research Notebook, Survey, Research, Census, FHL Catalog, PERSI, Handybook, Vital, Church, Land, Probate, Court, Military, Immigration Records.
Finding Your Ancestral Village (PDF) How to find where your ancestral village is located.
Royalty & Pre 1500 DOS Research (PDF) How to search the old Ordinance Index for Temple information on Royalty and pre 1500 names.
The Dewey Decimal System (PDF) Mr. Dewey and his dot is used to classify books by grouping them in 10 main categories.
How to Eat an Elephant or Write your Personal History (PDF) How to plan your attack and do it.

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